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Annual Zibelemärit Market

Zibelemärit is a market that happens in the old town of Bern every year. It is called a market but it is more of a folk festival. I didn't want to go alone so I sent a message into the big group chat of exchange students to see if anyone wanted to come along. Six of us ended up meeting at the train station to go and enjoy the market together. It is starting to get colder so we were all bundled up and got a glass of Glühwein (mulled wine) to warm up. Glühwein is a very traditional drink in Europe around winter. There was a ton of live music so we danced around, looked at all the booths and enjoyed all of the onion displays. Oh ya... I forgot to mention this was an onion market. Zibelemärit is the bernese german dialect for onion market. In high german it would be called Zwiebelmarkt. So ya! you can get onion tarts and just a lot of different onion things haha. It was a silly evening. People had buckets of confetti and you could take handfuls to throw it at people, didn't matter if they were friends or complete strangers. Confetti was being thrown everywhere. I quickly learned to keep my mouth closed so I didn't get mouthfuls of paper confetti. I went to Bern today to meet a friend and I had walked the same street the market was on. I was pleasantly surprised to find not even on piece of confetti anywhere on the street. It was cleaned up so well you would have never known there was a big party on the street last night.


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