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Living my Best Life in Zermatt

Zermatt has officially become my favourite place in Switzerland. The skiing alone has made my time here so special but I have also had many other great opportunities here.

I had a spring break from school so my host family and I came down to Zermatt to ski it out. Normally we drive all the way down to Zermatt but this time we took the Autoverlad. It’s a train that you can drive your car onto that saves you from having to drive certain long distances in Switzerland. I didn’t even know this existed until my host dad asked me if I wanted to go on it. I loved it. The Swiss transportation system just keeps getting better and better!

My host dads cousin Sandra and her husband Philipp live here in Zermatt full time. They own Fuchs Bakery which has been in their family since 1965 and they are the second generation to be running the show. I may be biased but Fuchs Bakery is the best in the village. Sandra took me on a tour behind the scenes and I was able to see the magic happen! I watched the pastry chefs as they worked away at preparing all of the tasty treats like Berliner donuts, apple fritters, churros, all sorts of different breads and so much more. Not only do they have the bakery kitchen but they also make all of their own chocolate. They make their classic bars but they also have fun moulds that shape the chocolate into different shapes. My favourites are the Matterhorn chocolates. They are almost to cute to eat! The key word is “almost” because I most certainly indulged in a couple.

Sandra and Philipp’s son is one of the groomers for Zermatt. I was able to go with him one night and groom the mountain with him. Each groomer has a section and his section took about 3 hours to complete. We got out just before sunset and I was able to watch it up on the mountain. It got dark quickly but the lights on the groomer were super bright. When I am down in the village I can see the bright groomer lights glowing way up on the mountain. I tried to get some photos but the windows were super dirty and the ride was really bumpy so they didn’t really turn out. I had a great time though. I love skiing a fresh corduroy track so it was cool to be on the other end of it. After grooming the mountain I met up with Sandra and my host mom to go to the theatre and watch a movie.

The day after grooming the mountain we got a dump of snow that gave the mountain a nice little powder cover. Although it wasn’t much powder it was still fun to play in. We had some really great weather which made for some nice long days on the mountain.


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