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Luzern, Switzerland

Another canton to check off my bucket list! The city of Luzern is about 2 hours away from Fribourg. One afternoon my host parents decided to take me on a little adventure to experience it. Luzern is a very picturesque city. There is this beautiful pedestrian bridge called the Chapel Bridge that takes you over the river to the old town. The old town is one of the best preserved medieval quarters in the country, with the narrow streets, cobble passages and traditional Swiss architecture you really feel like you are going back in time. We walked around a lot of the city and we even went on the tourist train. Although it was a bit chilly we really enjoyed our time in the city. I would love to return to Luzern in the spring or summer when the city is decorated with flowers. I am falling more & more in love with Switzerland as each day goes by! <3


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