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Salt Spring Island

Having a vehicle is one thing but having a home on wheels has been a game changer for me. I have only been living the van life for a couple of weeks but it is already the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I am checking off things on my bucket list faster than ever before. Is there’s somewhere I want to go, I just started driving. I wanted to go to Salt Spring Island for so long. My great aunt, Gillian has told me so many stories about to Salt Spring Island. I have also been hearing so many wonderful things about the farmers markets there. I absolutely love farmers markets. At this time I was back at farm with Harry, Sam and Will. I told him I wanted to go to Salt Spring Island and this sounded like a fun adventure to them so we decided to go on another road trip together. We didn’t have any plans, just how I like it. We thought it would be really beautiful to have a picnic while watching the sunset. We went into the grocery store and got everything we needed for our picnic. I spotted some groovy looking people in the grocery store parking lot and decided I would ask them if they have any recommendations on a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. They informed me that there was a silent disco happening at sunset. The silent disco was located at Sunset Beach off of Sunset Road. I don’t think that we could have found a better spot. While driving down Sunset Road we saw someone giving out headsets from the back of their car. We had arrived. The silent disco is really cheap like $15-$20 per person. We grabbed our snacks, bathing suits, picked up our headsets and went down to the beach. When the music started I was too busy dancing to eat. I walked into the water and found my flow.

I had never been to a silent disco before. This was such a great idea for a social event while still maintaining a safe distance according to covid rules. It was interesting to look around and see all of these people dancing and expressing themselves through movement. Everybody was doing their own thing but you could still feel connection through the music. As for the people without headsets, they were probably looking around thinking “are these people on drugs?” After one of the most fun and spontaneous tonight of my life my friends and I headed back to our vans to find a spot to camp out for the night. The next morning was the farmers market. I was like a kid in a candy store. In the park next to the market was a man slacklining. I had never slacklined before but it was always something I wanted to try. I asked him if I could give it a shot. This man did not speak but he was happy to help me. Not only did we slack line together but we also did headstands and cartwheels in the park. It was very interesting to find such a deep connection with this person even though we weren’t speaking with each other. After a couple wonderful days on salt Spring Island it was time for us to go. Now we are back on the farm and Harry and I are getting ready to drive across the country to Ontario. Harry is from Wales and came with a goal to drive across Canada. Although I cannot take him the whole way, I want to go home to visit my family in Ontario. Who knows maybe he will hitchhike the rest of the way to the east coast. As for now, this is working out for the both of us.


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