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Ameriss Thanksgiving

American thanksgiving celebrated in Switzerland

Thanksgiving is not something that people celebrate in Switzerland. They have something similar called Kilby but it just isn't the same. Some of my exchange student friends and I got together to celebrate what would be American thanksgiving. We all brought something to contribute to the evening. Around the table sat a handful of Americans, a Canadian, a Kiwi, a Columbian and a Swiss. It was a first American thanksgiving for half of us. Before the meal we went around the table and shared what we are thankful for. My columbian friend Dario mentioned that at the beginning of his exchange he was worried that he would feel lonely and homesick being so far away from his family but it just hasn't happened. He brought light to the special relationships we have built and shared gratitude for the family we have become. I really resonated with this sentiment. I remember my fears at the beginning and have since forgotten because not one day has gone by where I haven't been surrounded by love. It seemed like yesterday that I left my home in Canada to move here. I didn't know anybody but that didn't last long. My host family has been great since the minute we met and I quickly made friends with all of these great people. Switzerland is such a beautiful country and I am endlessly grateful to have the opportunity to live in such a place but these wonderful people are what make it feel like home. I am thankful for these moments and to be making such special memories with such special people.


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