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The Island of Aegina

The island of Aegina is a great destination for a day trip from Athens. We took a ferry that was about an hour each way. The island is home to the Aphea Temple. We were lucky to have the whole place to ourselves. After the temple we were given free time. Aegina is such a beautiful island I could have explored it for days. There are beautiful beaches and colourful boats everywhere. For lunch I went to a fresh fish restaurant with my friends Nils, Eduard, Guy and Ryan. The restaurant was right on the water and we were warmly welcomed by Janis, owner of the restaurant and the man who caught our fish for lunch. I loved talking to Janis. He was so passionate about his life and loved talking about fish. He took me into the kitchen to show me some of the fish he caught. He said next time I come to Aegina he would take me out fishing.


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