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Moving in with the Bouverat's

A question that I get asked often is why I keep changing host families. I just want to clarify that it is not due to problems with my previous families and I am not getting kicked out. The type of exchange that I am on is a cultural and language exchange. The host family's are sourced out by my Swiss Rotary Club and they organize the moves. I change host families to have to opportunity to experience different ways of life and have different opportunities. My first host family lives on a farm with over 2,000 pigs, 13 chickens and 3 cats. I learned about life on a farm and living in a farming community. I had such an amazing time with them. We went on a ton of adventures. They took me to different parts of the country and exposed me to it's diversity. My second family was also amazing. They hosted me in the winter so that I could experience the ski season in the Swiss alps. They have an apartment in Zermatt and go skiing every weekend in the nicest ski resort in Switzerland. Now I have moved in with the Bouverat family. It has only been a day but I can tell you right now they are fantastic. They are so sweet and we have already shared so many travel stories. They travel all around Switzerland and have a lot of knowledge and insight to share with me. Obviously there is a lot more to be said about each family but this is just to give you an idea of how different their lives are and how fortunate I have been to be able to share these experiences with them.

I cannot believe I am already with my last host family of my exchange year. Time flies when your'e having a good time. I have been so fortunate to have such great families. They have all made it so easy for me to feel at home in just a few days after moving in. The Bouverat family loves to travel and our wanderlust souls have been bonding hard. I have two host sisters that are 16 and 20. My older host sister Carole was an exchange student a few years ago. My other host sister, Claudine is leaving on exchange in the end of July. It is cool to be living in such an exchange experienced family. My host mom is just like a big sister to me. She is the biggest sweetheart. My host dad was president of JCI for a year and has travelled to help people all over the world. We have been having really great discussions about world issues and our passions that fuel our travels. I moved in around Easter so we spent a day baking goodies and had a wonderful meal together.

Carole did her exchange in Tasmania and one of her Tasmanian friends, Antilia is here visiting her for a few days. It has been so fun hanging out with everyone. It had come up that I had never been to Lausanne and they immediately made plans for us to go the next day. We all went to Lausanne together and walked along the lake. The next day the girls and I went on a 6 hour bike tour through Murten, along Lake Murten and had a picnic. I'm excited for all the quality times and good laughs to come with my new family :)


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