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B1 German Test ☑

Since arriving to Switzerland in August I have been learning German. I have had my challenges with it but for the most part it has been going pretty well. This past month has been pretty intense with my studies but all for good reason. There are language certifications that you can get that are internationally recognized and I have been studying for my B1 German test. I remember when the test seemed so far away and now it is done and over with. I can barely believe it. The morning of my test I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to catch an early train to Zurich for the test. On the train in Bern I met with my friend Benja from Argentina, who was also taking the test. We helped each other study for the 2 hours it took to get to Zurich. We ended up being way to early but we just studied while waiting for the others to arrive. It gave time for my nerves to settle in but still better than arriving late. I really don't like tests but I felt ready for this one. The results have come back and in the end I passed the test with 87%. I am satisfied with my results and excited for my language diploma that will be coming in the mail any day.


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