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Christmas in Switzerland

Fröhliche Weihnachten/Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Switzerland was nothing but festive. I have been going to a lot of Christmas markets and events over the past week. The streets are all lit up with lights and there are big Christmas trees decorated in the city. On Christmas Eve we hosted dinner with the grandparents at hour house. I nearly filled myself up with appetizers before dinner even started. For dinner we had crepes with all sorts of different fixings. After we sang Christmas carols and exchanged gifts. I had made a photo album for my host family of our time together.

The next morning I opened the gifts my friends and family sent me from Canada. It was a bit strange since this was my first Christmas away from my family. But it was hard to feel homesick when I was surrounded by so much love & joy. We went to the grandparents for Christmas lunch. We were having Fondue Chinoise. Fondue Chinoise is a very traditional meal to have in Switzerland around this time of year. There is a fondue pot with boiling broth and a spread of different raw meats, fish and veggies. You pick what you want and cook it in the broth. The most important part of the meal are the sauces. The meat and the veggies only really become delicious once dipped in sauce. My favourite is the curry mayo. I ended up eating so much food without even realizing it because you kind of eat in cycles. You pick what you want, wait for it to cook in the pot, enjoy it, chat a bit. decide what you want next and repeat. I thought I couldn't eat anymore until I saw all of the Christmas cookies, then all of a sudden I had more room for food.


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