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Fall Break in Tessin

Hello!! I know, it has been a while. I've been MIA but I've been studying hard and working on my German. Then I was on a week long vacation with my host family in Tessin without wifi. It was so nice to disconnect!

Tessin aka. Tocino is in the Italian region of southern Switzerland known for its palm lined lakes and sharp alpine peaks. We were staying in the town of Lugano which is on the beautiful Lugano glacial lake. The town of Lugano is very beautiful. The architecture is very different to that in our region. The architecture, culture and cuisine are very influenced by neighbouring Italy. We actually drove over to Italy for dinner one night. That was really cool for me because I had never been to Italy before and it was such a casual and effortless thing for them to just drive over for a meal. We rented a house that was nuzzled up into the mountains a bit. To get to and from town from our house we took this little train cart which took 10-15 minutes. We would walk around town to wander and (window) shop, enjoy treats at cafes, we had a spa day and one evening went to a soccer game. Lake Lugano is a big attraction to the town and we figured the best way to experience it would be to take a boat tour around the lake. We were accompanied by one of their friends Marcel who joined us on a lot of our adventures. He is a fun and bubbly guy and it was really nice to have him join us. The absolute highlight of our vacation for me was hiking Monte Magno. I am going to write about it in another post because I have so many photos to share.


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