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Fasnacht in Basel

Fasnacht is still going on and this one in Basel is not one to miss out on. Not only is it known to be the largest celebrated Fasnacht but it is also the overall biggest carnival in all of Switzerland. I travelled to Basel to meet with some of my exchange student friends to go and see what all the Basler Fasnacht hype was about. We were in for an early morning so we all stayed at our friend Indy’s house. The celebration started at 4.a.m. with a parade of lights which lasted until the sun started to rise. There were huge floats that were lit up to glow in the dark and people were wearing glow sticks and other string lights.

Although the lit up floats were the main attraction the people in the parade were wearing these amazing costumes even though it was dark. As the sun started to rise I looked around and couldn’t believe how many people there were. I hadn’t noticed because it was so dark. Thanks to the sunlight we were able to see just how amazing some of these costumes were. The bands in the parade started to play louder and louder. It had started to rain so my friends and I went into the centre to find a coffee shop. We had some breakfast and warmed up. By the time we were done the rain was coming down a bit harder. Some of us brought umbrellas so we bunched up to go and enjoy the festivities. We had such a fun day but ended up calling it at 2p.m. because our umbrellas had become so saturated that they were no longer waterproof. Fasnacht in Basel is a three day ordeal but because I live a couple hours away I only stayed for the day. And an eventful day it was.


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