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Fastnacht in Plaffeien

Fastnacht is Switzerland's biggest carnival. It consists of weeks worth of huge parties across the entire country. You can be in the big city's or small mountain towns (where I live) and Fastnacht will be celebrated. Here in Plaffeien it was the 20th annual Fastnacht. There was a huge parade and everyone was involved. My host family and I went to watch my little host sister Leonie march in the parade. Everyone was dressed up in costume, the floats were big and bold, confetti was being thrown and blasted everywhere. As the parade went on the streets became more and more covered in confetti. At the end of the parade everyone gathered in front of the church and watched this big cardboard statue burn, just like Burning Man but the Swiss version. The festivities didn't end there. There were big canvas tents set up for people to move the party to. There was live music and dancing and enough food to feed the village.


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