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First Hike in Switzerland

Day 2 in Switzerland: Up the alps we go!

There is no better way to experience Switzerland than in the mountains. I have been warmly welcomed to the country by my host first host family, the Glauser's. Today they took me on a beautiful hike right in our backyard. Well not literally but pretty close! The gorgeous Niesen Mountain is only a quick drive (by Canadian standards) to where we live in Fribourg! There was a train that goes all the way up the mountain. We took this train up which was super cool and made for an easy ascent. I had never been on a hike where I didn't have to walk up the mountain! Niesen is 2,362m in elevation and has incredible views of the surrounding mountains and two big beautiful bright blue lakes, Thunersee and Brienzersee. My breath was taken away by the view. My host family told me to dress warm because it is cold up in the mountains. I didn't know any better so I dressed for the Canadian cold. I ended up being way to hot and stripping down to by bottom layer. My host mom, Doris packed really yummy sandwiches for lunch and Ovalmaltine Swiss chocolate bars for dessert (my new favourite chocolate bar). After soaking up the sun and the view from the peak we started to descend. There must have been cows enjoying the mountain as well because I could hear their cowbells ringing not too far away from the trail. My mouth ended up getting really dry because I could not close my jaw, the views were so incredible. I can not believe that I am going to be living in this country for the next year.


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