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Kilby is a traditional Swiss celebration. It is similar to thanksgiving which the Swiss don’t celebrate.

For my host family Kilby is celebrated with a big dinner that brings everyone together. There are plenty of delicious dishes that everyone brings to contribute to the evening. There was definitely no shortage of food. We started with a soup and then you could pick and choose what you wanted for your main course. There were mashed potatoes, lots of veggies, salads, cheese fondue and a variety of different meats. I put a bit of everything on my plate. I wasn't entirely sure what all of the meats were. I could identify the ham, roast beef and sausage but there were two others that I was a bit sceptical about. I think everyone could tell and they all just encouraged me to try them. They said its a traditional food to for their celebration. As I was trying the mystery meats the table went silent and all eyes were on me. There were a few giggles going around the table, presumably at my facial expressions. It turned out to be cow tongue and cow utter.. The cow tongue was had an interesting texture but it tasted alright. The cow utter on the other hand was strange. The texture was... erm... different and the taste was... well I am not sure because I was so thrown off by the texture that I forgot what it tasted like. When I am travelling it is unlikely for me to turn anything down. I think that food is such a big part of culture so I will always try something at least once for the experience. Lastly for dessert we had yummy homemade meringue with ice cream and berry sauce which brought me to the state of being 110% full.


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