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Leaving my Alarm Clock(s)

The time has come for me to change host families.

I cannot believe that 6 months have already gone by. Where has the time gone?? I think I was more emotional packing my bags to move from the Glauser house than I was moving from home. Or my eyes were just watering from the stench of the pigs… just kidding, I am used to it now. Oh how I am going to miss everything about living here. Well maybe actually I won't miss being woken up at 4;30 a.m. by squealing pigs. Everything else though I will definitely miss. I have had such an amazing time living here. I was very nervous moving away from home but the Glauser's have made moving away from home such an easy transition for me. They have done so much to make me feel welcome and ensure I have a good experience in Switzerland. They have had such a positive impact on my exchange. I am endlessly grateful for them.

Over the past few months I have learned so much about myself and the world around me. I have grown so much mentally and physically. The physical growth could slow it's roll a bit but I think I have to cut back on the cheese and chocolate, which has proven to be unrealistic here.

I am moving in with the Fasel's. They only live two bus rides and a few train stops away so it won't be the last time I see the Glauser's. I have already spent some time with the Fasel's and they are such great people. I will cherish the time I have had here and I look forward to the new memories to be made with the Fasel family.


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