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Moving in With The Fasel's

It has been one week since I moved in with the Fasel's and so far, so great! We have been having a lot of fun! I moved in on Friday and spent most of the day settling in, unpacking my bags and playing with the kiddos. Saturday was my host moms birthday so they had family over and I got to meet everyone. I noticed I have become a lot better at remembering names in being groups! That night we went to dinner and a show. We went to a restaurant in Schwarzsee for dinner and it was divine. After we went to listen to live rock music in this super cool little venue.

Sunday we got organized for the week. My host dad and host sister took me on a walk to show me the route to the bus stop. This is how I get into town to go to school and hang out with friends. We had some family over for lunch and ate cheese fondue! Later that night my host dad took me to a volleyball game in Düdingen. The team we were cheering for absolutely smoked their opponents.

After school on Monday I joined my host mom to her step class. It was intense but it felt really good to sweat. My host mom is so fit she has gone on some crazy cool excursions in the alps. She is a fitness inspiration to me. From now on we are going to go every Monday together. I have been cooking a lot with my host dad. We have made some delicious meals together. My favourite was our Alpine Mac & Cheese and this apple chickpea curry that knocked my socks off it was so tasty. I made them some poutine one night which was fine but it just isn't the same as back home. We have talked about them coming to Canada to visit me and when they do I am bringing them to my favourite spot in town to get poutine, Ivans.

One night after school we bundled up and went on a little local adventure. There is this Ice Palace in Schwarzsee that gets built every year. It is a winter fairytale like no other. It is a life size palace made entirely out of ice. It is lit up by bright colourful lights that make the ice sculptures glimmer and glow. There are all of these different themed caves set up for display. I think I was more excited that the kids. Leonie and I shared the title of the ice queen and Nevio was our king.


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