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Night Lights

This time of year is full of fun festivities here in Switzerland. Over the last month I have gone to a few light shows. One was in Bern and another one in Murten. Every year they have these light shows that make the surrounding buildings and trees glow at night.

The one in Bern that I went to with my Swiss friends was projected across the entire parliament building. It was really like a show, there were animations playing that represented different things about Switzerland. There were snippets that featured cheese fondue, historical events, healthcare, farm animals, swiss chocolate and the list goes on. There was music, narration and sound effects that you could hear from blocks away. I was amazed by the show, it happened right in the heart of the city. The street lights had nothing on these projections.

This week Doris and I hit the town one night to enjoy the light show in Murten. This one was completely different to the one in Bern. There were games projected on the walls of building in the town that people could go to play. There were these sculptures displayed with all of these different lighting features that made them glow. The street came to life. There were booths set up with snacks and warm drinks to enjoy while you walked around.


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