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Out to The Orchestra

A lovely night out with my host Rotary Club

If you are familiar with Rotary International you may know that there are Rotary clubs all over the world. My host Rotary Club gets together regularly for a meeting over lunch, which I look forward to attending soon after my german course is over in a few weeks. They also get together to attend different events and other outings. Last night I was invited to an Orchestra. Everyone was all dressed up and we had a lovely evening. It was a very well attended concert in this beautiful intimate little venue. I don't think I had ever been to an Orchestra before. I was fascinated by the performance. The musicians are all very talented being able to come together and play like that! This might sound weird but I had fun looking at peoples facial expressions while they played. Some had a blank face, others looked mad, some has a smile that wouldn't budge and there were a few that looked as if they had no control over what was happening with their expression. After the concert we there was an Apero and I was able to meet and socialized with a lot of the Rotarians from my host club. I hadn't met any of them before but they all knew about me and we're very excited to have me. I look forward to seeing them all soon!


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