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Rotary night at the Parliament Building

The Rotary Club invited me to go to Bern with them for dinner and debate at the Parliament Building. Going to see the parliament building on its own is interesting because the architecture is cool, there are huge stone statues all around and beautiful stain glass features which are my favourite. Tonight was fun because we attended a meeting discussing changing the age for retirement. I will be honest with you I have no idea how the meeting went because people were talking so fast and speaking different languages, it was hard for me to keep up and understand. There are four official languages in Switzerland, German, French, Italian and Romanish. Although Bern is a German speaking canton the people debating were allowed to speak whatever language they wanted. Although I hadn't a clue what was going on I still had a wonderful evening. The food was delicious and I noticed I was able to engage in more conversation than my last night out with the Rotarians. My german is slowly progressing and I am becoming more and more confident to try speak regardless of the mistakes I make.


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