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RYE Zermatt Weekend

Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn. If that doesn't ring a bell maybe you have seen a little mountain on Toblerone chocolate bars? That's the Matterhorn. Rotary organized another fun winter weekend here in Zermatt for all of us exchange students. A very unique thing about Zermatt is that it is car-free you cannot get there by car. You must take the train to get into the village. There are these little shuttles that offer transportation to certain areas but for the most park you get around the village by foot or bike. When we arrived we walked to our hostel to drop our bags and headed straight to the village for a scavenger hunt. We needed to take photos with specific things and people around the village, trade a safety pin for something of higher value and get a fried egg for free. There were exchange students running around the entire village it was hilarious. After the hustle of the hunt we had a big fondue dinner followed by a bit of dancing at a disco.

The next day we had a bit of an elevation gain, to 3,089m to be precise. We took the train up to Gornergrat. This is where you can get a great view of the iconic Matterhorn mountain. The peaks were covered in snow at this elevation. This was incredibly exciting for some of my friends as it was their first time ever being in snow. We were rolling around, throwing snowballs at each other and laughing until becoming lightheaded. I am so excited to have had a little taste of the peaks I am going to be skiing for the winter! My next host family has an apartment here in Zermatt and we will be coming to ski here most weekends!

This weekend reunion was bittersweet. It was full of great memories, lots of laughs and also some tears. The time has come to say "see you later" to our oldies. They arrived in January so their exchange is coming to an end in the next couple weeks. This was the last weekend we would all be together. The oldies have had such a positive impact on my exchange. They have been a great support system, showed me some of the ropes, inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and are just wonderful people. I am grateful to have made these friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime.


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