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Skiing All Over

So far the ski season has been action packed! I have been skiing all over the map. I had a great time in Port du Soleil with the Glauser’s. My host dad Urban and I have also gone on a little adventure to ski in Port du Soleil with one of his friends. We skied a different area than when I went with Glauser’s abut I was thrilled to get over there again. Skiing between France and Switzerland. It is so amazing to be able to ski in two countries in the same day and some cases even in the same run. Since moving in with the Fasel’s I have been skiing a lot. We go to Zermatt almost every weekend. It is also unique because I can ski in Switzerland and Italy all in the same day. Being able to ski here is amazing and it's easy since they have an apartment there it doesn't require any planning. When the weather isn’t great in Zermatt we ski closer to home. Schwarzsee, is our closest option which is considered a “small mountain” to go skiing. I will tell you right now it. is. not. small. The highest ski lift goes to 1,751m. But you know everything is all about perspective.

Port Du Soleil with the Glauser's

Port Du Soleil with Urban

Schwarzsee with the Fasel's

Zermatt with the Fasel's


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