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Skiing in Port du Soleil

In less than a one month I have skied in 3 different countries. Just a few weekends ago I was in Zermatt skiing between the Swiss and Italian slopes. This past weekend I was skiing in France.

My host family and I hopped in the car with all our gear and headed to France. They took me to Port du Soleil. It is one of the biggest ski areas in the world. It consists of 12 ski resorts from Lake Geneva, Switz to Mont Blanc, France. We spent the day in Avoriaz. You can access pistes in France and Switzerland from this area. The day started out with sun and clear skies. The weather was warm and it wasn't too windy. We spent the whole morning shredding the pistes. We went in for lunch and ate our weight in an all you can eat ham buffet. By the time we waddled out of the chalet it had gotten very foggy. I could barely see past the tips of my skis. We skied a few more runs but ended up calling it a day a bit earlier than expected. Once we walked back to the car we were thrilled to take our ski boots off, there is something so sweet about the freedom your feet feel after being in ski boots all day.


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