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The Good Old Hockey Game

Some of my friends at school have been asking me a lot about Canada, how cold it gets and how good the hockey is. I explained that I come from a family of hockey players... and the fact that I am the odd one out who can't even skate. Some of my friends here are big hockey fans and they like to go out to the games every once in a while. Last night they invited me to tag along. I hadn't watched a match since a Battalions game in North Bay last year so I was excited to go out with my Swiss friends! The crowd was rowdy and everyone was dressed up. I wasn't familiar with either of the teams so I just cheered for the same team as my friends. The zamboni looked like a dragon and spit out fire, that was probably my favourite part. Unfortunately our team lost but it was really fun. It wasn't so much about the hockey for me anyways I was just excited to get out with my friends and be in such a fun energetic atmosphere. Buuuut for the record Canadian hockey is better hehe.


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