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Visiting Cheese & Chocolate Factories

This weekend was pretty rainy so we decided it would be good to take a weekend off of skiing. Instead we visited cheese and chocolate factories! Over the course of my time here in Switzerland I have eaten more cheese and chocolate than I have eaten in my entire life. So it was really cool to go and see how it gets made. We went to the Cailler chocolate factory and the Greyerzer cheese factory. At the chocolate factory they had these displays to show the measured ingredients that make up their chocolate. I knew that chocolate had a lot of sugar but seeing the break down of the ingredients and just how much sugar it actually contains blew me away. I thought to myself that I would try to cut back on my chocolate consumption. Then we got to the sampling table... Better luck next time.

The cheese factory was really cool. Greyerzer cheese is one of my favourites since being here. Honestly I could watch cheese being made for hours. I tried freshly made cheese and I even tried whey. Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is the ingredient in Rivella that I didn't know way back from when Doris got me to try the Swiss soft drink when I arrived at the airport. I have grown to really like Rivella but whey on it's own ist nicht gut.

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